Livingston NJ-Success Limousine And Airport Car Service

Named after New Jersey’s very first governor, Mr. William Livingston, this township is one of the finest in New Jersey. It is known for having the last remaining Harrison Cider Apple tree, which was recovered in 1976 after many people thought the tree had gone extinct, which should tell you something about the area’s inherent natural beauty. Livingston NJ is an all-around beautiful area and can make for a great stop on a trip out of New York City.


Success Car & Limousine Service can take you here in as little as 30 minutes from the curb at Newark airport. Our drivers will not only get you to Livingston in the most comfortable and professional manner, they will get you there in a timely fashion to boot. Travelers coming to the greater New York/New Jersey area are often perplexed about which luxury vehicle service they should book. Options are plentiful but few companies treat the customer as their first priority. They might arrive late to pick up a guest, fail to correctly communicate where they will pick them up, and fail to get them to their destination in a timely manner.


We aren’t like most New Jersey car services. Every township throughout the state is considered our local area, in that we know every activity there is to do and can provide you with valuable recommendations. Are you flying in with family? Take them around some of Livingston’s 470 acres of parks. Visiting the area on business? Our premiere limousine service will appease your luxury needs, offering convenient flat rates to and from the airport. Overall, Success’s low rates make us the most appealing option in the region no matter if you need to go to New York City for a day or escape to the countryside. We’ve got you covered.


If you have any questions or would like to book a trip today, call us at (732) 381-0221, or visit our website Our team of helpful representatives are standing by to address anything that comes up, and make sure you have the most hassle-free transportation experience possible as you visit Livingston and beyond.