It’s the official start of the holiday season, when traveling to New York from Newark Airport,JFK or LGA ¬†is anything but easy. Vacationers and holiday shoppers are clogging up the roadways and costing you time and money. As a business traveler you don’t need the hassle, you’re just trying to go to and from your destination on-time and feeling stress free. Your journey begins from the moment you land at Newark Airport, with a car service aimed to put you at ease.

Newark-Liberty International Airport, EWR, is a lot closer to Manhattan than you probably imagined. By car, it’s as quick as a 25 minute ride to midtown. This puts it closer to the city than JFK, and just a few minutes longer than the distance from LGA. The ride is comfortable and relaxing, allowing you to answer calls, send emails, and prepare for the big meeting.

If you wanted to take alternative transportation, the train from Newark airport is only $13 one way. It takes travelers directly to Penn Station-NY in only 35 minutes, with minimal stops. Peak hours include the morning and afternoon rush hour, as well as weekend afternoons, but there is ample signage around EWR to indicate delays so you can plan accordingly. Of course, not having to deal with this prospect altogether is ideal, which is why hiring a car service to Manhattan is a huge advantage.

Among EWR car services, you should look at a bevy of factors. First and foremost, does their availability suit your needs? When you have an early (or late) flight to catch, reliability and timeliness are virtues. You need to know that your transportation will be there when you need them.

Secondly, what kind of vehicle options do you require? Do you need a car or a limo? How many seats? Do you need additional space for luggage? Whether you need a car or limo service, make sure that you know exactly what you’re ordering. There’s nothing worse than walking out to the curb after a long flight and seeing the wrong vehicle awaiting you.

November is a busy travel month, but getting to Manhattan can be easy. If you’re upfront about your needs, then selecting a car or limousine service will be easy.

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