Five Airport Security Tips When Traveling with Children

Five Airport Security Tips When Traveling with Children

When flying traveling with children, there are five airport security tips to keep in mind. Many of us hate going through the airport security procedures. Success Limousine provides some advice for navigating airport security when taking a little child as a top supplier of limo service to and from the airport.

Show up Early

Try to get to the airport early, especially if you are taking little children. We advise showing up two hours before a domestic flight and three hours before an international trip during non-holiday seasons. If it’s the busiest time of year, try to be there even earlier to give yourself more time to get through passport control and security before your flight.

Utilize the Family Screening Line

Use the Family Line at security if you’re traveling with a young kid or newborn. No need to worry about getting in front of other travelers; choosing this route will make the trip less stressful for you. Inquire with airport officials whether there is such a line and if there is a chance, they might wave you through swiftly.

 Travel with Identification 

Every member of your party must have a valid passport while traveling abroad, even infants. Plan ahead because it may take up to six weeks for these documents to arrive. Children may need to present identification, including birth certificates, even for domestic flights. If you are unsure, make sure to phone your airline and inquire beforehand.

Wear the Right Clothes

Security systems can be severely damaged by clothing with metal buttons. As a result, when traveling, one should wear loose-fitting clothing with easily removed items, such as belts and shoes. Most of the time, seniors over 75 years old and children under 12 do not need to take off their shoes.

Keep in Mind Your Liquid Limits

Before purchasing alcohol, wine, or perfume, wait until you have passed security. 3.4 ounce bottles are the maximum size allowed in carry-on luggage. The risk of breakage and spilling is higher when larger bottles are carried in checked bags. Nobody wants their entire bag to be covered in booze or scent.

These are just some airport security tips when traveling with children.