Toms River NJ-Success Limousine And Airport Car Service

Success limousine And Airport Car Service in Toms River NJ

Nestled 60 miles south of Newark Airport, along the New Jersey coast, lies Toms River NJ. The city of 90,000 people is one of the quietest and oldest towns in the state. It might seem like a bit of a hike from the tri-state area but the commute to Newark Airport isn’t as bad as Google Maps makes you think; especially when you have a reliable car service taking you there.

Toms River has all the elements of a small town but with some cultural elements of a bigger city It’s Waterhouse Museum  exhibited the works of U.S. Marine veteran Charles Waterhouse; an American hero who fought in the Battle of Iwo Jima during World War II. Many of the works depicted military scenes dating back to the American Revolutionary War, focusing on the Marine Corps. Despite closing recently, the museum had a large impact on the local community and it gifted much of Waterhouse’s work to the U.S. Marine Corps in his memory. Another attraction is the Pine Belt Arena, which despite only seating 3,208, it hosts a bevy of concerts, sporting events and trade shows. It’s one of the few arenas used by a high school basketball team as well as a venue for large scale concerts, including hosting Maroon 5.

Toms River Success Limousine

For guests who are looking to immerse themselves into traditional New Jersey, Toms River is a go to destination. A car service from Toms River to Newark (and vice versa) would take you only an hour one way and would provide a stress free journey to boot. Are there multiple options for car and limousine services in the area? Yes. But at Success Limousine, we can guarantee expert, friendly and timely service to and from Newark Airport. No matter when you arrive or depart. Whether you’re conducting business in Toms River, visiting family or just exploring the Jersey coast; you can know with certainty that we will address all of your car service needs.

If you’re looking to explore some east coast Americana, Toms River is a great place to begin your journey. Give us a call for a free quote, at (732) 381-0221 and we will do our best to suit you in your trek down the New Jersey coast.


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