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Five Airport Security Tips When Traveling with Children

When flying traveling with children, there are five airport security tips to keep in mind. Many of us hate going through the airport security procedures. Success Limousine provides some advice for navigating airport security when taking a little child as a top supplier of limo service to and from the airport.

Show up Early

Try to get to the airport early, especially if you are taking little children. We advise showing up two hours before a domestic flight and three hours before an international trip during non-holiday seasons. If it’s the busiest time of year, try to be there even earlier to give yourself more time to get through passport control and security before your flight.

Utilize the Family Screening Line

Use the Family Line at security if you’re traveling with a young kid or newborn. No need to worry about getting in front of other travelers; choosing this route will make the trip less stressful for you. Inquire with airport officials whether there is such a line and if there is a chance, they might wave you through swiftly.

 Travel with Identification 

Every member of your party must have a valid passport while traveling abroad, even infants. Plan ahead because it may take up to six weeks for these documents to arrive. Children may need to present identification, including birth certificates, even for domestic flights. If you are unsure, make sure to phone your airline and inquire beforehand.

Wear the Right Clothes

Security systems can be severely damaged by clothing with metal buttons. As a result, when traveling, one should wear loose-fitting clothing with easily removed items, such as belts and shoes. Most of the time, seniors over 75 years old and children under 12 do not need to take off their shoes.

Keep in Mind Your Liquid Limits

Before purchasing alcohol, wine, or perfume, wait until you have passed security. 3.4 ounce bottles are the maximum size allowed in carry-on luggage. The risk of breakage and spilling is higher when larger bottles are carried in checked bags. Nobody wants their entire bag to be covered in booze or scent.

These are just some airport security tips when traveling with children.

Satisfied With Your Executive Car Service?

Are you satisfied with your executive car service? Whether it’s for business meetings, luncheons and dinners, workshops, seminars, or sizable corporate conferences, every organization, no matter how little or large, can occasionally profit from using a reputable executive car service.
Business owners and managers use executive vehicle services for their corporate travel needs all the time. And you’ll want to make sure that everything runs without a hitch when the time comes that your company needs these transportation services.

Executive Car Services for Businesses

You might want to reevaluate your executive car service provider if you’re not totally positive that you’re employing the greatest and most dependable transportation service at the lowest cost to your business. When trying to decide which service is ideal for your company, keep the following things in mind:

When YOU need them, is your executive vehicle service provider available? When you’re trying to operate a business, you don’t have time to slog through tedious automated phone menus in order to get an answer to a brief, straightforward query. Additionally, you shouldn’t be required to reimburse your business trip planner for time spent going through these formalities. Your automobile service provider must have LIVE operators available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle duties on YOUR corporate schedule, not theirs, in order to be truly valuable to your business.

Does the executive car service you use show up ON TIME… EVERY TIME? If your service isn’t 100% constantly dependable, you’ll never know what to anticipate from one journey to the next. No matter how many years of expertise a car service company has, how inexpensive they are, or what extras and bonuses they provide, none of it matters if you are running late for scheduled business events. It’s time to choose new transportation if your existing one can’t ensure dependability and punctuality.

Does your executive vehicle service company have tools to make booking, monitoring, and modifying bookings simple, quick, and convenient? If you run a business, you are aware of the value of having tracking, accounting, record-keeping, and other tools. You or your staff should be able to use a convenient online control panel from your transportation provider at any time of day or night to get a real-time overview of all travel-related activities, schedules, charges, and more. You might want to think about moving to a vehicle service that can stay up with the times in today’s corporate climate if your current car service doesn’t provide this.

How long has your executive car service been in business and what type of a reputation does it have? Do you have any knowledge of their business or the drivers they hire? Your transportation company must be able to attest to an excellent safety record, a successful business history, and exceptional driver credentials. For business travelers, safety and security are top priorities. If your transportation provider isn’t up to date on all vehicle inspections, has outdated technology, and is careful to hire only drivers with spotless driving records and backgrounds, don’t give them the chance to risk your staff’s and your coworkers’ safety.

For Business Travelers, the Best Executive Car Service

We invite you to carefully review the business transportation services we provide if you’re not satisfied with your existing executive car service provider (or if you haven’t yet chosen a transportation for your business). Since 1996, we have provided services to small businesses, mid-sized firms, and large corporations, and we would be honored to exceed all of your expectations by providing transportation for your company.

Because we are familiar with the intricacies of business travel, we have tailored our services to fit hectic work schedules and critical deadlines. Additionally, we provide completely automated tools and exclusive corporate incentives for your business tracking needs.

Additionally, we always have a kind live operator available and prepared to help you – around the clock.

Contact Success Limousine to learn more about how we can help you with your company’s transportation needs.

An Introduction to Airport Travel

Here is an introduction to airport travel. What could possibly cause you stress when you are about to go on your ideal vacation? Airport travel might be incredibly scary if it’s your first time going alone.

However, don’t let that ruin your future trip! In order to prepare you for your first airport experience, Success Limousine has put up a quick primer to airport travel.

Prior to Booking

Make sure you have the appropriate visas for the nations you will be visiting if you are traveling overseas. If you don’t, the airline may refuse to let you board, or when you arrive, you can be refused entrance.

To determine whether your place is safe to visit right now, look up any relevant travel warnings.

Airport Arrival and Departure

The flight number will be sent to you when you purchase your travel. Keep a written reminder of this important information or take a snapshot of the confirmation on your phone.

Never leave your bags unattended at the airport once you get there. Luggage that is left unattended is deemed a security risk and may be seized.

You may find the location of the check-in counter for your flight by looking for a departure board. Give your passport to the appropriate desk (if you need it for your trip). Your checked bags will be weighed by airport employees (luggage that travels in the hold of the plane). Check your schedule if you have a connecting flight to see if you need to pick it up during the layover or if it goes all the way to the destination.

If you have any carry-on luggage, grab it and proceed through security.

Look for a second screen that will indicate the gate your jet will board from and the time it will do so. To reduce stress, it’s best at be to the gate well in advance of the boarding time, but if you have extra time, feel free to use the bathroom or eat.

Your boarding permit and maybe your passport must be presented when you arrive at your gate in order to board the aircraft.

The Aircraft

Locate your seat, which is indicated on the stub of your boarding pass or at online check-in.

Put your carry-on bags in the overhead compartment or under your seat if you have any.

Relax, buckle up, or wait for the flight attendants to demonstrate how. Make yourself as comfortable as you can in case there are delays and you have to spend some time on the plane. For long distance trips, a neck cushion or blanket should be packed. Success Limousine is happy to familiarize you with an introduction to airport travel.

Requirements for Corporate Car Services

There is no way to compromise on these requirements for corporate car services. It is ESSENTIAL that those corporate car services are trustworthy and above all, dependable when your business needs a car service for your own executives or visiting business colleagues to drive to the airport, business meetings, luncheons & dinners, workshops, seminars, or other company occasions.
This cannot be overstated because the transportation you arrange has the power to enhance or detract from the success of your business events and determine how you are seen by potential clients and affiliated businesses.

Requirements for Corporate Car Services

Every business in need of transportation services must be able to rely on a corporate car service provider for exceptional service and cutting-edge technology at the most affordable price possible. If this isn’t the case, it’s time to reconsider your present vehicle service (or, if you don’t already have one, acquire one).

To ensure that you are getting the greatest transportation for your business, you should require the following from a corporate vehicle service:

Your business vehicle service company ought to be 100% RELIABLE; they must ALWAYS show up on time.

This is most likely the most crucial aspect for every transportation company. No matter how much experience a car service provider has, how cheap they charge, or what tools and comforts they provide, if you’re late for your intended destination, NONE of these other perks matter in the slightest. If you are unable to arrive for scheduled business events on time, your company’s opportunities and reputation will suffer. It’s time to search elsewhere if your present car servicing supplier can’t promise dependability and punctuality.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, your automobile service provider should have LIVE operators available to help you.

This is crucial for corporate clients as well because no employee has the time to call in with a straightforward inquiry and then spend 30 minutes or more traversing a frustrating maze of automated voice options. You know the ones—you wait to hear six different menu options that don’t pertain to you, then you speak up to speed up the process, only to have a robot put you on hold or direct you to the “wrong extension,” from which you must be re-routed (and placed on hold once more). Who has time for this? You need to manage your business. It’s time to hang up on your current provider forever if you are irritated and frustrated before speaking to a live person.

Your automobile service provider should give handy tools and automated web platforms designed with business travelers in mind.

Anyone can rent a sedan or limo, therefore their interest in the reservation system may be minimal. But if you run a business, you are aware of the value of having tracking, accounting, record-keeping, and other tools. To make it easy for you or your team to acquire a complete picture of all travel-related activities, schedules, expenses, and other factors in real time, your transportation provider should provide convenient web solutions. Find a service that caters to the modern business world if your present automobile service doesn’t already offer this.

Your automobile service provider MUST have a flawless safety record, an excellent track record of success in business, and exceptional driving credentials.

For business travelers, safety and security are top priorities. If your transportation provider isn’t current on all vehicle inspections, has outdated technology, and is careful to hire only drivers with spotless driving records and backgrounds, don’t give them the chance to gamble with YOUR wellbeing.  If you’d like to learn more about how we can assist you with your company’s transportation needs, please contact Success Limousine today!

Hire A Shuttle Service To Avoid Public Transportation And Parking Problems At Your Next Convention.

Conventions may be an excellent chance to provide employees with fresh knowledge and engage them in corporate matters. At a conference, there may be meetings with coworkers from various offices and firms. Even vendors may be pushing new items for your business. Typically, a conference is a major event that causes significant traffic and transportation concerns. When sending representatives to a conference, it is important to arrange their transportation prior to their arrival. A reliable shuttle service may address several issues.

Timely Arrival

If your employees are expected to attend specific meetings, you must ensure they arrive on time. In a large city, public transit might be difficult if you are unfamiliar with the rail or bus routes. This can cause someone to be late for key events. This might create a negative perception of your business. Inquire with Success Limousine on the availability of our shuttle services. No member of the group will be left behind or need to manage public transit or parking.


Using Success Limousine’s event transportation allows you to arrange the convention journey from the start. Instead of requesting that staff use their own vehicles, use us so that the entire group may leave together. Upon arrival at the hotel, they may also check in together. You can book a shuttle service to carry everyone to the convention in the morning, or you can arrange for particular events to depart at different times. Share the schedule with your workers so that they are aware of when to meet the us. A personal chauffeur reduces the tension of the situation.

Saves Money

When a firm sends personnel to a conference, all expenses are often deemed business-related. Depending on the mode(s) of transportation utilised, there may be several receipts to review after a trip. Expenses may also amount to a substantial sum. You may arrange your business’s records and save money in the process. When hiring a shuttle, passengers can travel together. This can reduce the number of travels to and from event places. This results in a single charge from the selected automobile service.

Typically, when conferences are held in a city, traffic surges. This might create several difficulties for folks who must attend meetings or other activities. You may help reduce some of the traffic by requiring that all of your employees ride in the same car. One of our shuttles or big vans can assist the group arrive on time for the convention. In urban areas, parking may be expensive and scarce. Using our service to drop off and pick up your staff is not an issue. Once you have determined how many people will be attending the conference, contact the shuttle service provider to tailor the service.

Please feel free to contact us about our shuttle services here.

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The Netherlands — Fossil Cars Down 20%, Electrics Up 75%


Numbers for August passenger vehicle sales in the Netherlands were just published. The detailed numbers are not yet available, only the totals. Officially, sales are down by 16% year over year (YoY). But when we split the numbers by energy type, the picture is different. There were only 31,430 fossil vehicles sold, compared to 39,430 last year. That is a drop of 20%.

The fully electric vehicle (BEV) market is far healthier, with a whopping ~2,800 sales in August 2019, compared to 1,579 a year earlier. That is an increase of >75%.

All of the journalists and the car industry are reporting the numbers as a single market. But I think we have to look at it as two competing markets. The BEV market is cannibalizing the fossil fuel vehicle (FFV) market. The drop in FFV sales numbers is much larger than the increase in BEV sales numbers, which is explained by the lack of BEV models and the prices still being a bit too high for those that are available. The numbers are made worse by long delivery times for most BEV models. Some BEV models have expected delivery over a year from now, or simply stopped accepting orders for the time being.

Normally, when a refreshed model is announced, or even on its way to dealers, the old model enters “sunset mode,” a period of declining sales. This should be the case for the Nissan Leaf with 40 kWh battery (a new Leaf with a 60 kWh battery is just now coming out of the factory), the Renault Zoe (a larger battery launch is coming next month), and the VW e-Golf (to be replaced by the ID.3). However, all three models have rising sales, going against all marketing wisdom and sales laws. This is not a market in decline — this is an overheated market.

Know The Advantages Of Obtaining Cheap Limo Services

If you travel randomly for business purpose or if you are travel savvy, you may be certainly aware of the importance of the correct airport transfer services. Getting proper airport transfer is not easy especially when you are arriving at the airport in odd timings like midnight or early morning. Comfort is very important when you are choosing airport transfer. If your primary requirement is the comfort, then you can consider hiring cheap limo services. Limos are the prime instance of lavishness and luxury. In past times, travelers and business persons used to prosper the dream of riding on a limousine. But, in the last few years, limos have become easily available to people. There are countless advantages involved in hiring limo services. We will discuss the most important ones in the following passages of this discussion.
What are the benefits of attaining cheap limo services?
The following points will help you in realizing the advantages of cheap limo services.
Dependable transportation for all occasions and events
Limo car services always prove to be a dependable transportation option for all events and occasions. If you are on a business or corporate tour or very particular about time, like business meetings or flight timings, hiring limousine services can be very effectual. When you will approach a limo car service provider, you will never have to worry about the time as they are very punctual. Just like true professionals the drivers of limo cars will pick you up and drop at the destination on time. In this way, by hiring cheap limo services you can save yourself from stress and anxiety about missing the schedule. From our fleet, you can choose Limousine as your required.
Enjoyable and comfortable travel experience
Lots of limousine service providers hire trained and skilled drivers who are great in driving and familiar with the routes. They treat their customers in a professional and gentle way while being very punctual. These chauffeurs maintain the time table and show exceptional efforts to satisfy their client’s requirements. From pick up to drop off, luggage assistance and true relaxation all these are taken good care of to make you enjoy the ride like never before.
Be safe on the road with experienced limo drivers
A luxurious ride on a limousine can ensure your safety as well. The experienced driver driving the limo will drive the car following the traffic rule and will help you in arriving at the destination without facing any safety problem. They will only focus on your safety while driving on the road. You will not be at the risk with inefficient and uninsured drivers. The limousine drivers chosen by well-reputed companies will not have criminal records will have training on driving and will be aware of the road condition.
Get in touch with us
Success Car & Limousine Service”, we are a reliable limo service provider providing people services for a year. We are a popular provider of cheap limo services too. Our cars are latest and expensive.